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Latest Patient Information

Latest Patient Information

Latest Patient Information

Latest Patient Information

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Complimentary Video Consultations From The Comfort Of Your Own Home!

We Now Offer Video Consultations!

We Now Offer Video Consultations!

How Does Coronavirus Affect Your Smile?

Well, to save you delaying your most important facial asset any longer, we are now happy to announce, ‘Free Video Smile Consultations From The Comfort of Your Home.

If you are looking to the future and wanting to know how you can transform your smile we can help. Instead of coming into the practice for a Complimentary Consultation, we can now offer you the chance of a consultation via face to face video chat. It’s so easy, and we’ll tell you exactly what you need to do.

Say no to the lock down disrupting your life!

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The Instant Smile Makeover Revolution Has Arrived!

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The Home Of ‘Calm & Caring’ Dentistry In Wibsey

Welcome to Taylored Dental Care Wibsey, Bradford, opening up a brand new world to modern ‘Calm & Caring’ dental care for the busy people of Wibsey, Bradford and the surrounding areas.

First off, our team of highly skilled ‘Calm & Caring’ team are focussed on offering you the highest level of customer care and service.

We work hard to stay well ahead of the curve when it comes to our clinical skills, infection control procedures, protocols and policies that ensure smooth running of the practice for you, our valued patient.

Your award winning team bring you a very unique service. Offering a variety of ‘Calm & Caring’ dental treatments for you and your family.

Treatments like Dental Implants, Straight Teeth Braces and Porcelain Veneers will help to give you the smile of your dreams. However we are not just focussed on cosmetic dentistry. We offer a range of restorative and preventative treatments to help you and your family maintain a healthy smile.

In short, the aim of our team is to make sure that you walk away from the practice having received a service that exceeded your expectations.

Nervous About Seeing The Dentist?

A lot of nervous patients tend to be a bit embarrassed or think that we are going to judge them for letting their mouths get into a little bit of a poorer condition, nothing could be more far from the truth.

We know some people who have had some bad experiences with dentists in the past and its very understandable that you are reluctant to come and see us.  But the good news is, modern technology and modern techniques along with ‘Calm & Caring’ people mean that we can turn it around, leaving you happy and smiling again. 

Stress Free, Guilt Free, Anxious Free Dentistry

The ‘Calm & Caring’ team are ready to help you… Call Us Today On 01274 965864 or complete the form below.

Pain Free And We Can Prove It!

Pain Free Dentistry
Pain Free Dentistry
Pain Free Dentistry
Pain Free Dentistry
Pain Free Dentistry
Pain Free Dentistry

Are You Ready To Take The Next Step?

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